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The pressures young people face are overwhelming— academic performance, athletic ability, social status, image, home life and other factors— can all contribute to enormous stress and anxiety at an age when eating disorders are statistically more likely.

Many individuals in high school struggle with eating disorders, but many are also able to overcome their conditions. If you’ve conquered an eating disorder and are looking into the future, check out these eating disorder scholarships. You deserve to be applauded and face one less stressor as you move into the next chapter of your life.

  1. Sidney R. Baer Jr. Foundation’s Center for Reintegration Scholarship

The Center for Reintegration Scholarship offers scholarships to individuals who have experiences of mental health disorders to pursue meaningful lives through a reintegration into society. These scholarships are offered to those in active recovery and may cover complete or partial expenses for education up through Ph.D. programs.

Apply for the scholarship here.

  1. The Looking Glass Foundation Scholarship

This foundation has several scholarships in two different categories, totalling $10,000. The first category offers financial support for individuals who have sought recovery for an eating disorder and are active in their communities through volunteer services. The second category offers aid to individuals who demonstrate a passion for a chosen career path. Applicants must prove a need for financial assistance. Recipients will be full-time students who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree.

Learn more and download the scholarship application form here.

  1. The McBurney Scholarship for students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Several colleges and universities offer their own scholarship programs for students with mental and physical impairments, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of them. The McBurney Scholarship is offered for ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning disabilities, eating disorders and more. This scholarship is not dependent on financial need.

Read up on the McBurney Scholarship here.

  1. The Lillian Cooper Droke Memorial Scholarship

Mental Health America funds this scholarship that is awarded to an applicant who has a formal diagnosis of a mental health condition and lives in Tarrant County, Texas. This scholarship is available for individuals in technical training programs or secondary education and a single recipient will receive $5,000.

Apply here.

  1. The AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability

The American Association on Health and Disability grants yearly scholarships to individuals who have personal experience with a disability and have completed at least one year of post-secondary education. In order to receive this scholarship, an individual must be pursuing a career in a field that will better the lives of those with disabilities, such as public health or disability research. 

Applicants must provide proof of disability status and be enrolled at an accredited university to receive up to $1,000. Learn more and fill out an application here.

  1. INCIGHT Scholarship

The INCIGHT Scholarship is awarded to applicants who have experienced disabilities, including eating disorders, and have shown a passion for community service. Individuals in Oregon, Washington and California are welcome to apply. 

To find out if you are eligible and apply for the INCIGHT Scholarship, click here.

  1. EDucate for Eating Disorders Survivor Scholarship

This scholarship is available to three individuals planning to attend an undergraduate program who have experience overcoming an eating disorder. In order to receive the scholarship, applicants must submit an essay regarding their experience with their disorder and how they will use it to fight stigma and support others with the same struggles during college. The recipients will receive $500 each.

Apply for the EDucate for Eating Disorders Survivor Scholarship here.

A note on eating disorder scholarships

Scholarships are often highly localized, so if the above scholarship opportunities aren’t applicable to you, try searching in your region or for the school you are attending. Chances are, there are more options than you might assume.

Becoming an eating disorder survivor

Eating disorders can prevent you from living a free and full life. If the prospect of college is daunting because of disordered eating, it’s time to get formal treatment. Start today with Seeds of Hope and become a survivor.

Seeds of Hope offers in-person and teletherapy options for the treatment of eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. Take the first step into your future and call to set up an appointment today.

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