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If you’ve felt a desire to seek treatment for an eating disorder, we want to first and foremost acknowledge your strength and courage. It is never easy for anyone to start the journey towards recovery, as it can be an overwhelming, uncomfortable and humbling process. Nevertheless, the freedom experienced on the other side of your healing journey can be one of the most life-giving feelings you will ever encounter. 

At Seeds of Hope, our mission is to heal the whole person. This means body, mind and spirit, all of which are negatively impacted by the habits created within an eating disorder. By focusing on the entirety of the person, we hope to influence healthy autonomy and identity, guiding our clients to the truth that they are not their disorder.

Through therapeutic interventions (ACT, CBT, DBT, narrative therapy and motivational interviewing), holistic practices (yoga, meditation, mindfulness and art and music therapy) and experiential processes (grocery shopping, meal prep and eating out), we strive to offer a recovery program that is not just effective, but enjoyable and peaceful. 

Reaching out

The first step to beginning the intake process with Seeds of Hope is a phone call— that’s it. By simply reaching out to our admissions office, you can begin the journey to healing. 

When you call, you should request to set up an eating disorder intake assessment. You can specify which of our three locations you’d like to make an appointment at (Exton, Paoli or Philadelphia), or ask for recommendations from our staff. Additionally, please have your insurance information available, as we accept most private insurances. 

A little paperwork

As with any healthcare appointment, you will be asked to fill out two questionnaires, the Nutrition Questionnaire and the Treatment Goals form. If you complete them at home and bring them to your appointment, you can significantly lessen your time in the waiting room. 

The Nutritional Questionnaire gathers information such as food rituals, daily eating habits, dietary needs, weight history and other behaviors and symptoms related to restriction, purging and binge-eating. Although some of these questions might be difficult to answer, we encourage all clients to be as honest as possible in order to get an accurate assessment, and thereby an effective treatment plan. 

The Treatment Goals form allows you to outline your strengths, needs, abilities and preferences, as well as a short list of what you personally want to work on while in treatment. This is important for us to know so that we can make sure that every stage of treatment is beneficial to you, and the goals of treatment align with your personal ones. 

Forcing clients into a cookie-cutter treatment plan is of no help to anyone. For this reason, we urge you to take the time to detail everything you hope to gain from treatment so that you might receive deep healing to its fullest degree. 

The first appointment

Visiting the treatment center for the first time can be overwhelming, but remind yourself — everyone in that building is in your corner and the choices you’re making today are for your ultimate freedom. 

Your initial appointment will last an hour to an hour and a half. A trained therapist will meet with you one-on-one to discuss with you your story, your expectations and what it is you hope to receive from treatment. This therapist will talk with you about the next best step, including the programs offered by Seeds of Hope, which include an Intensive Outpatient Program or Partial Hospitalization Program.

You might be recommended to schedule appointments on a regular basis, such as attending individual or group sessions. Every recommendation is based on the needs of the client, as personalized healing is the goal. 

Compassion every step of the way

We understand how scary transitions are, and willingly choosing to transition out of an unhealthy way of living into a healthy one takes a ton of courage and will-power. No matter what, Seeds of Hope offers support to every person who reaches out. Because every person’s story is different, every step of recovery, too, will have its unique ups and downs. Our recovery process is designed to meet these challenges and to help you overcome them in your own life, by working alongside you to encourage the healing of body, mind and spirit. To begin your own recovery journey, reach out to Seeds of Hope, call (610) 644-6464 today.

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